Dutch Sunday Delights Lunch

Chefs at the Parc quote top

This culinary day starts with a very special lunch. For today, the very best Dutch chefs will step forward to cook the stars from the sky at Parc Broekhuizen.


It is therefore with pride that your host chefs (together with all other team members) for this unique lunch – three-star chef Jacob Jan Boerma and the chefs of Restaurant Voltaire*, Thomas Diepersloot and Robert Poel – will personally present their colleagues for this Dutch lunch to you.

During this lunch – which will total five courses – only matching Champagnes from the Moët & Chandon cellars will be served, by the way. Of course, these have been carefully selected together with the Maître of Restaurant Voltaire*, Yvo Kwak.

Didn’t manage to get a glimpse of the chefs’ kitchen during the afternoon? Then you can ask them during the concluding coffee and tea moment! After lunch they will join you to go through all the culinary delights with you. And have a nice chat.

Chefs for this event

Visiting chefs

Onno Kokmeijer | Ciel Blue** | Amsterdam
Fred Musterd | Restaurant Fred** | Rotterdam
François Geurds | FG Restaurant** & FG Food Labs* | Rotterdam
Jim en Mike Cornelissen | Restaurant Rijnzicht* | Doornenburg
Thomas Santvoort | Restaurant Flicka* | Kerkdriel

Host chefs

Jacob Jan Boerma | Restaurant De Leest *** | Vaassen
Thomas Diepersloot | Restaurant Voltaire* | Leersum
Robert Poel | Restaurant Voltaire* | Leersum