International Kitchen Party

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This spectacle, the final evening of these 4 days, starts and runs completely differently from the other dinners during the international gourmet festival CHEFS AT THE PARC...


The entire Parc Broekhuizen team has been looking forward to this evening in particular during the long preparation period of ‘Chefs at the Parc’.

If you have (secretly) always dreamed of seeing star dishes being created live, then this final festival evening – the evening of THE KITCHEN PARTY – is for you. During this very special dinner, no fewer than eight internationally renowned chefs will be cooking the stars from the sky.

You will look them in the eye and (if you want and dare) deep into their eyes. Their star creations are created under your watchful eye. All the senses are stimulated.

Because you smell those delicious aromas of the dishes being achieved, you see the kitchen team putting love into the dishes and then immediately taste the result of their efforts.

The evening will once again be accompanied by many other culinary partners to give you a range of flavors to taste.

This is not only delicious for you, believe us… the chefs enjoy it too. Because they see immediately what their creations do to your taste buds. An experience to remember!

Chefs for this event

Visiting chefs

Rolf Fliegauf | Ecco Ascona** | St. Moritz, Switzerland
Tanja Grandits | Stucki Restaurant** | Basel, Switzerland
Georgianna Hiliadaki | Funky Gourmet** | Athens, Greece
Christian Kuchler | Tavern Schaefli** | Wigoltingen, Switzerland
Silvio Nickol | Palais Coburg** | Vienna, Austria
Jim Ophorst | Trisara* | Phuket, Thailand
Jannes Brevet | Interscaldes*** | Kruiningen, Netherlands

Host chefs

Jacob Jan Boerma | Restaurant De Leest *** | Netherlands
Thomas Diepersloot | Restaurant Voltaire* | Netherlands
Robert Poel | Restaurant Voltaire* | Netherlands