Opening Dinner

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On this evening, we opened Chefs at the Parc in style with a combination of culinary grandmasters who have been rated at the highest level by the Michelin for years.

Visiting Chefs

  • Jan Hartwig | Restaurant JAN*** | Munich, Germany
  • Viki Geunes | Restaurant Zilte*** | Antwerp, Belgium
  • Thomas Bühner | La Vie*** (formerly) | Osnabrück, Germany
  • Marco Müller | Restaurant Rutz*** | Berlin, Germany
  • Heinz Beck | La Pergola*** | Rome, Italy

Your Host Chefs

During the 2nd edition of the International Gourmet Festival Chefs at the Parc, our chefs Jacob Jan Boerma, Arturo Dalhuisen, Ewout Eleveld and Peter Paul van den Breemen were your hosts.